SAP Flash Edition (FE)


Now Privy can effortlessly manage sales and marketing for its millions of customers



Privy has been acknowledged across industry with its prominent position as the market leader in digital trust with 37 million verified users and over 1,800+ enterprise customers.

To ensure their service stays on the top rank, TMS Consulting provided Privy with Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions to help improve Privy’s CRM and marketing activities.



  • Needs to have contact, leads and prospect generating holistic management
  • Needs an integrated platform to monitor and collect sales data, as well as to process and operate the whole sales activities
  • Needs to automate sales dan marketing data and activity into an integrated platform



Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Pardot for Contact mapping and data management of potential consumers digitally


CPQ implementation, using lead scoring on lead management for prospect profiling and to acquire prospect score/grade


Marketing automation that can be programmed accordingly to increase consumer engagement


Exponential improvement in marketing and sales management and reporting

Effortlessly acquiring reliable first-data for sales and marketing customer database

Faster approval process by system

An increased systematic process to manage leads or opportunities

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