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Application Management Support (AMS)

Fine-Tune Your Application Management Support to Meet Your Business Objectives with Our Flexible Structure.
Application Management Support (AMS) is one of TMS’s major services which part of after sales services devoted to maximising the application utilizations and providing operations supports to ensure the application running well as per operation required.

Our AMS Service Products

We offer a full range of industry-leading services, including digital, enterprise resource planning, information management, and systems integration.

Custom Applications

TMS Application Management Support

Application Operation Supports

The application operation support focuses on technical support for daily operation transactions, including: system down, issues, bugs, and any transaction error caused by abnormal system conditions and/or transaction data.

Application Development Supports

The application development support will provide any services of system configuration or customization, including new or existing ABAP object : reports, forms, enhancement, minor interface, or conversion tools to ensure what new business needs will be fulfilled.

Consultancy & Advisory

The consultancy and advisory is one of another AMS service type, for any new business requirement confusing, TMS providing consultancy and advisory services to ensure users will fully understand their solution from the right business process perspectives.

Refresh Training

After the implementation phase, TMS also provides refresh training services to ensure users of the application are really understand what they do in the applications, this service also intended for the client’s functional or technical support.

Benefit of Application Management Support

Our AMS Packages

Cost Saving

Reduce operational and labour cost

Increase focus on core business

By outsourcing certain functions to a shared service team, organizations can free up resources to focus on their core business objectives.

Expertise and Knowledge

An AMP support team is composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge. They can provide guidances on best practice, configuration, customization and user training.

SLA of Support

A support team can quickly respond to and resolve any issues that arise, minimizing the amount of issues that your organization experiences based on Standard SLA.

Knowledge Management

We provide Solution Document to reduce duplicate issue and support user’s knowledge improvement.

Issue Tracking and Monitoring, Monthly Meeting & System Adoption review

Flexibility Time

Dedicated Support team will manage 8 hours for 5 days on coverage on working hours, which will help customers to meet their requirement whenever required.

Certified Consultants

Selected team members are certified for their expertises and engaged in variety of scopes in Projects & Bug Fixing.


We will give replacement guarantee with 1 maximum replacement of team member.

Build Your Own Team

Identify daily issues, SLA of Supports, and Build Your Best Support Configuration the way customer needs.

7-Steps Operation Support

Find Issue
Open Ticket
Analyze Issue
Fix Issue
Update Ticket
Check Issue
Close Ticket

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