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Nurturing Youth People to Become an Expert in Digital World

We believe that TMS Consulting is not just a company to work for. More than that, TMS Consulting is a place to LEARN, GROW and MAXIMIZING POTENTIALS.

At TMS we believe in professional competencies, objective performance evaluation, work life balance with #TMSSport and also give back to community with #TMSCare

Handri Kurniawan, CEO

TMS Consulting Value Pillars

  • We are committed to make positive and productive contribution
  • We value teamwork and synergy
  • We are committed to provide excellence & reliable Service
  • We value empathy, respect, and sincerity
  • We work with initiative, motivation and innovation
  • We are committed to Self-Development
  • We are adaptable
  • We are committed to Customer Priority
  • We are committed to Integrity and Positive Influence
  • We work with Discipline, Planned and Continuous Improvement (PDCA)
  • We Value Honesty and Trust
  • We are consistent and responsible with words and actions

Works That Shapes The Future

Finance • Marketing • Product Development • Data • Design • Engineering