SAP Flash Edition (FE) Automate customer & employee experiences with human-like interactions

TMS offers, an advanced Communications Automation solution to optimize customer interactions and responses

Transform Your Business with the Power of AI

Bot Integration

Easily integrate bots, simulate customer interactions, and design dynamic conversations

AI Chat: Smart & Dynamic

Dynamic chat interactions, designing communication flows based on input, and maximum synergy with CRM

Data security

Global Standard Security

ISO, HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR certification support for the highest standards of data protection


Advanced Analytics

Decision analysis based on accurate data produces optimal business performance is a conversation automation solution for enterprises that can turn interactions into dynamic conversations. Incorporating Generative AI, offers real-time communication capabilities, in-depth conversation analysis, as well as cross-platform integration, which can connect companies and customers in smart and innovative ways.
Transform Your Business with the Power of AI.

Full 24/7 support, improve team communication efficiency, and market with targeted campaigns.
Everything is faster and more economical with AI technology.

Conversational Services Cloud


Reduced in operational costs

Conversational Commerce Cloud


Increased in conversion rate

Conversational EX Cloud


Increased in customer satisfaction

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