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Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology services from TMS Consulting provides the information to personalize a customer relationship with an individualized “journey” of interactions driven by models that trigger the right messages at the right time. Our services offer a complete assessment of your business in order for you to take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

We understand that today, in this ever-changing world, clients face multi-dimensional challenges while also needing to uncover new opportunities for tomorrow. That’s why TMS Marketing Technology services will assist you with strategic insights and directions, practical perspectives and solutions, and delivering sustainable results.

Forge customer-centric interactions and drive growth with data-driven cross-channel solution.

Data & Analytics

Live 360° customer profiles, actionable insights, data sharing and streaming

Campaign Orchestration

Create, adapt, and iterate on customer journeys all in one place.

AI tech with proven record

Behavior-based automation, predictive tools, and A/B testing

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TMS fully understands data science and analytics are driving big shifts in marketing.

Especially transformative for small businesses, data-driven, digital advertising gives organizations and agencies new and cost-effective marketing channels in the digital realm.

Statistical analysis of semi-structured and unstructured data allows marketers to slice and dice data in ways to inform creative executions against micro-targeting strategies. This helps marketers deliver specialized offerings to smaller, highly specific customer groups.
From planning and promotion to execution, analytics-led marketing approaches can increase speed and improve execution of campaigns, as well as help marketers understand what programs are working best.

Using analytics to better understand customer sentiment about product and service attributes is becoming a core competency. Thus, companies have an opportunity to more immediately engage with and delight customers.

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