SAP Flash Edition (FE)

Field Service Lightning

TMS Consulting powers your companies’ frontline workforces with Salesforce Field Service.

With everything happening online and remote, customers expect more personalized and quick digital service solutions, your on-field workforces may be the sole face of your company for your customers. TMS and Salesforce will seamlessly connect back-end operations with the field to increase productivity and meet customer expectations.

Power efficient field service operations

Scheduling and Route Optimization

Respond quickly to dynamic requests by tapping into automation

Field Service Mobile App

Boost frontline productivity by connecting workers to the right data and tools


Asset Management

Extend the ROI of your assets with preventative maintenance

Visual Remote Assistant

Connect customers and frontline service teams with experts using augmented reality and interactive guidance

Appointment Assistant

Empower customers and improve customer satisfaction with real-time updates

Increase frontline productivity. Increase revenue.

180% ROI




$5.2 million

in total benefits


Trusted by 100+ businesses. Of all sizes. Worldwide.

TMS is an official Salesforce Partner that is trusted by corporations for providing platforms to manage their customers data inclluding Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce. 


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