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Communication Automation

TMS Consulting’s Communication Automation is a most comprehensive omnichannel communication platform to leverage businesses in their day-to-day communication activities.

Communication Automation enables businesses to create, manage, and send communications to whomever they need to effortlessly and efficiently, all through an integrated and centralized interface.

Whether you’re trying to improve the quality of existing channels like SMS, Voice or Email — or adopting new ways of communicating through WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or Google Maps — we manage the complexity for you.

Better experiences at every step of the customer journey


Marketing messages, push notifications, order updates, delivery alerts and more.


Two-way messaging, one-click video meetings and appointment booking.

Customer Support

Inbox, call-to-chat deflections, IVRs, chatbots and more.

Account Security

Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and Email.

Better experienced at every step of the customer journey

Improve every interaction – from personalized support and custom notifications to optimized authentications and video meetings.


Free, omnichannel customer support and engagement

Flow Builder

Drag-and-drop experience creation and data automation

Video Scheduling

One-click video meeting platform with 24 sessions

Omnichannel Widget

Add omnichannel communication to any webpage


The Omnichannel Communication Toolbox

TMS has been approved as a MessageBird Official Partner in Indonesia.

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