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Reinventing State-of-The-Art Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

TMS Consulting provide holistic business solutions from oilfield services to upstream to midstream to downstream.

Our network of experts is committed to helping oil and gas companies navigate complexity and accelerate the pace of innovation to continue to supply the energy the world needs in a lower-carbon way. For we believe that the future of oil and gas industry will inevitably be safer, smarter and cleaner.

TMS Consulting provides a full range of energy services for an industry transformation in an increasingly digital world.

Exploration and production

Optimize upstream operating models to maintain a competitive advantage

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

From investment decisions to operations, across the end-to-end LNG value chain

Energy transition

Offering insights, services and solutions towards a net-zero emissions future

Trading and commercial

Helping you gain new efficiencies by managing and monetizing opportunities

Refining operations

How digital technology is rapidly driving powerful results for refineries

Sales and marketing

Transform all customer experiences through data-driven digital technologies

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