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How Eiger gained staggering, exponential customer growth like never before


Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri, Inc. is a renowned adventure products-based company founded in 1989. It currently owns high quality brands such as Exsport, Bodypack, Eiger, and Outlive. All of Eiger products are distributed across the nation (through its 350+ domestic stores) as well as overseas.

To achieve more efficient and cost-effective operations, TMS Consulting provided Eiger with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Communication Automation solutions to be implemented as its main core.



  • Build a digital and online control system at each outlet such as information about stock of their products
  • Handle lead or case from various commercial platforms (website, social media, Google playstore, Apple app store, etc.)



Integrated collaboration platform for customer commercial support (website, social media, Google playstore, Apple app store etc) with Salesforce Omni Channel


Salesforce & WhatsApp integrations which can be managed by many agents in one WhatsApp account


Developing system for tracking and viewing products on several outlet that are still available and agent can advise customers to buy at these outlets


Easy in monitoring potential leads and opportunities from any channel (website, Google playstore, & social media, etc.)

Exponential engagement improvement between Eiger and their customers

Improvement in contact centre process

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