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LinkAja is a server-based payment service providerwhich is the flagship product of PT. Fintek Karya Nusantara (Finarya) and has been registered with Bank Indonesia.


LinkAja is a server-based payment service providerwhich is the flagship product of PT. Fintek KaryaNusantara (Finarya) and has been registered withBank Indonesia. Since February 21, 2019, Finaryahas officially received a license/permit from BankIndonesia as an Electronic Money Issuing Companyand Digital Financial Service Provider for LegalEntities. Finarya has also implemented anInformation Security Management System.

Finarya is a subsidiary of 10 State-OwnedEnterprises (BUMN). As a subsidiary of BUMN,Finarya is also open to synergize with privateparties who have a similar vision and mission.In October 2020, Grab Pte.Ltd. officially becamethe new shareholder of Finarya. In March 2021,PT Dompet Karya Anak Bangsa was officiallyregistered as the new shareholder of Finarya.


Handling their many customers in the manyindustries they cater to, LinkAja faced challengessurrounding their monitoring case managementsystem and leads handling.

As time went on, it became more challengingfor them to track the task reminders, ticketmonitoring and various commercial platforms.Their specific problems were as follows:


Improve System
Improve their system for monitoring case management systems, (automation platform for reporting and task reminders, ticket monitoring, etc).

Handle lead or case from various commercial platforms (Website, social media, google play, appstore, etc)


01 Implement

Implement the Salesforce Service Cloud Solutions whichfocus to solve issue in these areas:

02 Integrate

Integrated collaboration platform for customer commercialsupport (Website, social media, google play, app store etc)with Salesforce Omni Channel

03 Automate

Automate business processes with intelligent workflowsUp level case management system

04 Gain

To gain a digital solution and remedy their situation.After thorough consideration of the problems presented,Trimitrasis proposed the implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud Solutions


Improvement in case management system

Easy in monitoring potentialcases from any channel

Engagement Improvement between Link Aja andtheir customers

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