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TMS Consulting and Collaborate to Pioneer AI- Enabled Business Solutions for Customer Support Automation 

15 Dec 2023

TMS Consulting proudly announces a strategic collaboration with, a global leader in Conversational AI, to empower enterprises with AI-powered customer support automation. The partnership marks a pivotal stride towards redefining how Indonesian businesses engage with their customers, introducing innovative generative and conversational AI solutions that contribute to increasing customer satisfaction by 40 percent and reducing operational costs by 60 percent.  

Combining TMS Consulting’s strategic advisory with’s  Conversational Service Cloud and Conversational Commerce Cloud solutions, the partnership aims to enable businesses with seamless and intuitive human-like experiences.’s dynamic AI agents elevate customer experiences through goal-oriented conversations, understanding individual needs, and delivering personalized responses, leading to up to 80 percent of customer queries being self-served.  

This partnership signifies a transformative moment for TMS Consulting, we’re excited to merge to introduce AI-driven solutions that will elevate Indonesian companies’ capabilities to engage with their customers on a whole new level, Handri Kurniawan, CEO of TMS Consulting. 

Empowered by large language models (LLMs),’s AI agents provide round-the-clock support across 35+ text and voice channels, supporting over 135 languages including Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, Sundanese, Tagalog, Mandarin, Bahasa Malay, English, and many more. By harnessing’s advanced AI, especially its multilingual proficiency, alongside TMS Consulting’s Indonesian market expertise and strategic insights, businesses can unlock unparalleled potential to enhance customer experiences. 

Indonesia remains a core market for us. Over the last three years, we’ve effectively deployed solutions across key sectors like telecom, retail, BFSI, logistics, and FMCG. We see an increased demand for our solutions, particularly our generative AI capabilities. Partnering with TMS Consulting will be pivotal, enabling us to delve deeper into the market and empower enterprises with best-in-class customer support automation, complemented by their strategic advisory, “Rashid Khan, CPO & Co-founder, 

In a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, TMS Consulting and aim to steer Indonesian businesses to unlock the potential of elevating customer experiences as well as drive their business growth in the fast-evolving market landscape. 

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