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TMS Consulting and Huawei Indonesia Present TMS Solution Day with Huawei Cloud!

14 Jun 2023

[Jakarta, June 13 2023] – TMS Consulting, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, in collaboration with Huawei Indonesia, a global leader in technology and telecommunications, is excited to announce the succession of “TMS Solution Day with Huawei Cloud” Event. This event aims to empower executives, IT professionals, engineers, and operators by providing them with valuable insights into the transformative power of cloud technology for businesses.

The TMS Solution Day with Huawei Cloud! the event took place at Huawei Office in Jakarta. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the world of cloud technology and discover how it can be leveraged to build highly integrated businesses with improved resource development, efficient management, enhanced transparency, and robust security measures. The event featured a comprehensive agenda that included informative presentations, an engaging office tour, a deep dive into Huawei Cloud’s capabilities, and an exciting quiz session. Participants were able to gain valuable knowledge and firsthand experience of the latest technologies and best practices in the cloud computing domain.

The positive feedback from participants further reinforces the success of the TMS Solution Day with Huawei Cloud! event and highlights the value it provided to attendees. The event facilitated networking opportunities and knowledge sharing among industry professionals, enabling them to make informed decisions and explore the possibilities of leveraging cloud solutions for their businesses.

TMS Consulting and Huawei Indonesia will continue to collaborate on future events to provide industry professionals with the latest knowledge and innovations in digital transformation and cloud technology.

See you at the next TMS Solution Day!!


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