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Lion Parcel’s Incredible Transformation with TMS Consulting

10 Mar 2023

TMS Consulting proudly presents, The inspiring success story of Lion Parcel, one of our valued clients at TMS Consulting.

Lion Parcel trusted TMS Consulting to implement Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Maps. The results were nothing short of remarkable.

Through this implementation, Lion Parcel was able to streamline its customer service operations and improve overall efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction. With the Salesforce Service Cloud, Lion Parcel was able to provide a more personalized experience for its customers, while also increasing its speed and accuracy in addressing customer issues.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation enabled Lion Parcel to boost its sales productivity, resulting in significant revenue growth. The system allowed Lion Parcel’s sales team to manage leads and opportunities more effectively, resulting in more successful sales outcomes. Lion Parcel also implements Salesforce maps, this solution helps lion parcel to visualize the territory for shipments, build stronger attainment plans, and navigate visits efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the success story of Lion Parcel demonstrates the power of effective technology solutions in transforming businesses and driving growth. We are proud to have played a role in Lion Parcel’s success and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that drive positive change for our clients.

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