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Hyperforce – Indonesia’s Digital Future: Salesforce Strategic Move with Hyperforce Deployments

3 Apr 2024

Indonesia, the largest digital economy in ASEAN, is experiencing a period of rapid digital transformation. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, technological adoption is projected to propel the economy by a staggering $2.8 trillion by 2040. This digital transformation presents a golden opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in new ways, streamline operations, and unlock significant growth. But to truly capitalize on this trend, businesses need the right tools and support. Recognizing this need, Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider, is making a strategic move by deepening its commitment to the Indonesian market. This commitment is marked by some key initiatives, discussed below.  

Establishment of an Indonesian Entity 

The Indonesian digital economy is experiencing phenomenal growth. Salesforce’s presence and its solutions can empower businesses to cultivate stronger customer relationships, build a more adaptable workforce, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth. 

The launch of a dedicated Indonesian entity signifies Salesforce’s commitment to fostering closer relationships with its customers and partners within the market. This localized approach enables Salesforce to tap into the rich talent pool in Indonesia, allowing them to assemble a team with a deeper understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by Indonesian businesses.  

By bringing its team and decision-making closer to the Indonesian market, Salesforce aims to better serve its customers and partners. This localized approach also allows Salesforce to tap into the nation’s abundant tech talent pool, fostering deeper industry connections. 

Hyperforce Deployment 

The evolving global landscape necessitates a renewed focus on innovation, trust, and data security. Businesses need to adapt their strategies to scale operations effectively on a global scale while adhering to stringent local data privacy and security regulations. 

Hyperforce, Salesforce’s next-generation infrastructure architecture designed specifically for the public cloud, addresses these challenges. It reimagines the Salesforce platform, enabling faster and more reliable delivery of Salesforce applications to locations worldwide. This empowers Indonesian businesses to leverage the scalability and agility of public cloud computing by deploying a wide range of Salesforce Customer 360 products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Industry Clouds like Financial Services Cloud. 

Crucially, Hyperforce ensures compliance with local data residency regulations – a critical requirement for regional and global organizations operating in regulated industries such as finance, telecommunications, and government-linked businesses. 

Fast-track Innovation for Business Growth 

To thrive in the digital economy, Indonesian businesses require the ability to develop and deploy innovative solutions rapidly and efficiently. With Salesforce’s Hyperforce architecture, you can deploy cutting-edge CRM solutions in a matter of weeks, not months. This means businesses can start reaping the benefits of innovation faster, streamlining their sales process, enhancing customer service, and gaining valuable data insights to guide their business decisions. 

Furthermore, Hyperforce offers exceptional backward compatibility, guaranteeing that all existing Salesforce apps, customizations, and integrations will function seamlessly on the platform. This eliminates compatibility concerns and allows businesses to leverage their existing Salesforce investments effectively. 

Empowering the Indonesian Workforce  

Digital transformation is not just about technology; it’s also about people. That’s why Salesforce is actively involved in developing the digital skills of the Indonesian workforce to fuel the growth of its digital economy. 

The company has partnered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO) to establish the KOMINFO Digital Talent Scholarship Program. This initiative builds upon Salesforce’s existing partnership with Nokentech, which aims to train over 100,000 Indonesian students in CRM over three years. Notably, the program strives to bridge the digital skills gender gap by ensuring that 50% of the trainees are women.  

This initiative equips participants with the necessary skills to excel in roles like Salesforce Administrators, Developers, and App Builders. By participating in this initiative, businesses can gain access to a talent pool equipped with the necessary expertise to implement and manage Salesforce solutions effectively. 

Join Us on the Digital Journey 

The future of Indonesia is digital, and Salesforce is here to be your trusted partner on this exciting journey. With our robust suite of CRM solutions, localized expertise, and commitment to skills development, Salesforce can help you unlock your full potential and achieve sustainable growth in the digital age. Talk to us today and take the first step to being a part of the global digital revolution! 

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