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Boost Productivity, Streamline Workflows, and Close More Deals!

TMS Consulting provides its clients with industry-leading strategy and consulting, technology and operations, and interactive services aiming for clients to have operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

Raise efficiency and lower costs with Sales Cloud

Elevate every rep and channel with automation that scales.

Help reps expand top-line results on every channel, while operating efficiently and at scale.

Accelerate deals with intelligent insights.

Get insights that matter to accelerate every stage of the customer buying journey.

Optimise outcomes with real-time data.

Maximise customer touchpoints across every channel so you can book revenue even faster.

NO MORE manual lead generation processes and sales activities

NO MORE disorganized sales process and communication between teams

NO MORE limitations in monitoring activities and performance of salesperson

NO MORE lack of salesperson and teams skills and performance visibility

Business Impact

Win Rate
Conversion Rate
Sales Productivity
Team Collaboration
Customer Lifetime Value
Sales KPI Performance
Data Analysis
Manual Process
Lost Rate
Customer Attrition
Lack of Sales Visibility

Massive Opportunities For B2B Clients

Faster sales processes and activities resulting in accelerated revenue growth.

Frictionless Buying


More likely to select a supplier if they have a great digital experience

Flexible Offers


of companies have a recurring revenue stream

Faster Cycle


More likely to select a supplier if they have a great digital experience

Success Story:

TELKOMSEL IoT provides powerful IoT solutions for enterprises and boosts your business productivity by integrating hardware, software application, and connectivity.

Business Challenges

  • The current legacy system was less powerful
  • No unified system (still utilising manual input)
  • Reports & dashboards are processed outside the system

Proposed Solutions

Implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions and Einstein Analytics Dashboard

  • Integrate all data into one system
  • One powerful app for managerial & C-level
  • One single platform for reports & dashboard

Key Results

  • All sales processes are more coherent and systematic
  • One single platform of sales activity and process
  • Clean and easily accessible customer database

Our Clients


Trusted by 100+ businesses. Of all sizes. Worldwide.

TMS is an official Salesforce Partner that is trusted by corporations for providing platforms to manage their customers data inclluding Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce. 


TMS Consulting is an official Salesforce Partner in Indonesia.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings customers and companies together.

It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments – including marketing, sales, commerce, and service – a single, shared view of every customer.