Lion Parcel’s Incredible Transformation with TMS Consulting

TMS Consulting proudly presents, The inspiring success story of Lion Parcel, one of our valued clients at TMS Consulting. Lion Parcel trusted TMS Consulting to implement Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Maps. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Through this implementation, Lion Parcel was able to streamline its customer service operations and improve […]

LIFE INSIDE TMS – Experts Adventures Recap

TMS has held a week-long annual event at Sentul City. A week to recharge expert’s batteries and a week to plan our expert strategy. This year’s annual event includes not only serious meetings, but also fun activities to support TMS’s work-life balance. TMS cares about expert’s mental health and work-life balance. Having a healthy work-life […]

Trailblazer Community Indopendence Event

We are entering the era of intelligent, integrated CRM, and the future of CRM is even brighter. The better the marketing data, insights, and customer – centric knowledge driving decisions, the more affective every marketing tactic and strategy will be.

Facing Digitalization in the Era of Travel and Transportation

The travel and transportation industry is a booming sector. As the people are returning to normalcy after the pancdemic, they would look forward to traveling. it is a ncessity for the travel and transportation companies to be prepared to face all the challenges that are posed to them owing to the aftermath of the pandemic. […]

Mining Talk

Trimitrasis bekerja sama dengan Telkomsel IoT & United tractors mempersembahkan Mining Talk : Mining to The Future. Dengan tema menyambut masa depan Pertambangan Indonesia dengan Perkembangan Transformasi Digital! Bersama para pembicara eksekutif di bidang Pertambangan, Teknologi serta Lembaga Pemerintahan.