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The Kick-off of PT Mirah Global Investment with CRM Implementation

27 Jul 2022

PT Trimitra Sistem Solusindo and PT Mirah Global Investment have held a Kick-off Ceremony. In this project, TMS implements digital transformation by Salesforce.

PT Mirah Global Investment, trading under the title ‘Mirah Investment & Development, is the leading property developer in Bali with over 16 years of experience. PT Mirah Global Investment is committed to delivering world-class real estate throughout the Indonesian archipelago. With a steadfast commitment to quality, PT Mirah Global Investment has helped thousands of homeowners and investors access exceptional real estate in one of the world’s most popular and sought-after island destinations. 

Trimitrasis as Salesforce Official Gold Partner is very thankful to be trusted by PT Mirah Global Investment for this project and the tremendous teamwork.

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